Sean Rigsby


Sean Rigsby is a three time National Champion and National Record Holder in the Republic of Ireland. He is a former member of Team MDUSA, the multiple time U.S. National Champions in Olympic Weightlifting. Sean has coached many individuals, including athletes in the NFL, MLB, NCAA Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Baseball, Rugby, and Track and Field. In addition he has produced several Weightlifting National and International Champions, State Champion Powerlifters, and CrossFit Regional competitors.  While Sean’s focus on training comes first, he divides his time between running the Heavy Metal Barbell Club in North Carolina, conducting seminars across the country, managing his Heavy Metal Barbell Remote Athletes, and writing quality programming for Sport and Functional Performance athletes.


  • USAW Level 1 Sport Performance Coach

  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CrossFit Football Certified Coach

  • Pendlay Level 2

  • 2019 Weightlifting Ireland National Champion (109+kg)

  • 2018 Celtic Champions Team Member

  • Irish National Record Holder (Snatch; CJ; Total)

  • 2018 Weightlifting Ireland National Champion (105+kg)

  • 2018 European Weightlifting Championships

  • 2018 North Carolina State Champion and State Record Holder (CJ; Total)

  • 2017 USAW AO Series Silver Medalist (Total; C&J)

  • 2017 Weightlifting Ireland National Champion (105+kg)

  • 2015 USAW University Nationals Bronze Medalist 105+kg (Total; C&J)

  • 2015 USAW Nationals 4th Place Finish 105+kg

  • 2014 American Open Bronze Medalist 105+kg (Total; C&J)

  • 2012 & 2013 California State Olympic Weightlifting Champion 105+kg

  • 2011 USAPL California State Champion 110kg

  • USAPL California State Record Holder

  • B.A. English Literature, Magna Cum Laude, Arizona State University

Tayler harriS


Tayler Harris is a native of North Carolina & former Team MDUSA Athlete. Before she fell in love with the lifting heavy, she competed in a diverse array of sports – from soccer and basketball to CrossFit and bouldering. Tayler has medaled at several USAW national events and attained a 214kg Total. She applies her sports nutrition expertise currently in her day job as a Product Manager for The Good Kitchen. When she is not training, coaching, or talking weightlifting, she enjoys a good micro brew and BBQ.


  • Team USA Weightlifter

  • 5th Qatar International Cup, Silver Medalist (Snatch, C&J, Total)

  • 2019 USAW National Silver Medalist (Total, C&J; Snatch Bronze)

  • 2018 USAW AO Series 3 Bronze Medalist (C&J, Total)

  • 2018 USAW AO Series Silver Medalist (Snatch, C&J, Total)

  • 2018 North Carolina Best Female Lifter, State Champion, and State Record Holder

  • 2017 USAW AO Series Silver Medalist (Snatch, C&J, Total)

  • 2017 USAW Nationals Bronze Medalist (C&J)

  • USAW L1 Sport Performance Coach

  • CrossFit Football Trainer

  • Precision Sports Nutrition Coach

  • B.A. Political Science, UNC-Asheville