22 Lifts Registration

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22 Lifts Registration


September 29th at Heavy Metal HQ

22 Lifts, benefiting the Veteran’s Bridge Home.

Prizes provided by Veteran Owned Companies for top performers in the Male, Female, Masters, and Scaled Divisions.

Registration includes event shirt.

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Visit our 22 Lifts Mission Statement for more on statistics and the Veteran's Bridge Home.

22 Lifts, a challenge revolving around the olympic lifts, conducted in a ladder style format.

The Athlete will perform 11 Snatches Total, one every minute at a designated weight. As they advance, the weight will grow increasingly heavier. Following the Snatch portion, the athlete will proceed immediately into a ladder of 11 Clean and Jerks under the same conditions. At the conclusion of the workout, the athlete's total tonnage from successful lifts will determine their score.

Top Placements in the Mens, Womens, Masters, and Scaled Divisions will earn prize packages. In the event of a tie, a tiebreaking workout will be implemented.