Tailored to you

Programming designed to meet the athlete's individual needs, training availability, and competitive schedule. Available for Weightlifting, Powerlifting, CrossFit, and Sports Performance. We build upon the athlete's strengths and correct their deficiencies.

metrics made easy

Athletes utilize our True Coach Software to log their training, record notes, and upload training videos for coaches review. Receive daily emails with training from Coach. Detailed warmups and exercise demo videos ensure you're performing everything correctly.

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detailed video feedback

Upload videos easily from your phone or computer to your True Coach account. Receive written technical analysis and critical feedback to help address your faults and build success.

support on and off the platform

Heavy Metal Remote Athletes join a community of competitive individuals from around the world. Athletes receive competition coaching at events with Heavy Metal Coaches in attendance. Discounts on supplements from Earth Fed Muscle and performance apparel from Virus Intl.