Nutrition is a large part of the equation for getting stronger, recovering better, and performing at your peak! If you aren’t fueling your body properly, you are leaving lots of gains behind. Heavy Metal Barbell Sports Nutrition Coaching is a customized macronutrient program that allows each athlete to meet their goals. Whether you are wanting to lose body fat, gain lean muscle mass, or optimize performance, HMB Sports Nutrition Coaching can help you.

Each athlete is set up with a personalized macronutrient timetable for training and rest days, have weekly check-ins, and 24/7 email access to their coach. The end goal for each HMB Sport Nutrition Coaching athlete is to develop a sustainable lifestyle with food. We want you to learn the importance of positive association with eating habits and eventually be comfortable being in control of your own diet!

nutrition coaching your way!

Not all athletes are created equal; Therefore, the HMB Sport Nutrition Coaching has two options to fit your needs! Our two levels are called the Baker and the Chef.

The Baker

Are you someone who responds well to step-by-step instructions? Do you want someone to guide you on how, when, and what to eat to support your healthy athletic lifestyle? Then this plan is for you!

With the BAKER plan, you will:

  • Be set up with a personalize macronutrient plan (carbs, fats, & protein) tailored to your goals (fat loss, muscle gain, or performance optimization);

  • Unlimited email access to your coach who can answer any questions you have about eating habits, foods, recovery, nutrition and etc.;  

  • Unlimited Adjustments to your program to keep you from plateauing;

  • Weekly email check-ins with your coach to help keep you on track and adjust your nutrition plan when necessary.

The BAKER plan is $150 for the initial month then $75 month with a standard three month commitment,

This is an automatic subscription. Your membership will be billed monthly. After your commitment period, your membership will continue month to month. HMB requires a 15-day written notice before terminating your membership.


Do you like to have a more freedom of when and what to eat during the day? Would you prefer to have a coach set up general guidelines for your nutrition? Are you familiar with tracking macronutrients and just need a coach to get your personalized plan setup? Then try our one time COOK plan!

With the COOK plan, you will have a one time fee to setup a personalize macronutrient plan on the app MyMacro+, allowing you the freedom to track your macros as you work, train, and eat!

Initial setup for the COOK plan is $60.
This does not include the MyMacros+ app cost.

Each adjustment to the plan as your goals change will be $10.

These are one time fees and will not be billed monthly.