Since 2010, we have been developing virtuosity in human beings. We build better people, so they can go on to be dominant athletes.


Our Mission

Heavy Metal Barbell exists to promote the sport of olympic weightlifting in the United States and abroad. We believe the discipline from training and mastery of these movements can transform anyone into a better person and superior athlete. HMB supports the training of National and International competitors. We foster the grass roots development of weightlifting through the mentoring of athletes, coaches, and referees. Our events seek to take the sport to a new standard of professionalism and expose excellence to the unaware. Together, this community of individuals around the world have created an inspiring and supportive collective.

Sean and Tayler have a great team. Work hard, coached up, and have fun.
— Joe Kenn, Carolina Panthers Head Strength Coach

core values

  • FORTIUS -- "Stronger." We believe the pursuit of strength is a journey undertaken in the mind as rigorously as it is developed in the body. All walks of life will face burdens, but to be unyielding and endure under the weight of adversity forges a spirit of unmatched quality.

  • EXCELSIUS -- "Ever Upward." Apply our strength of body and soul to endeavors that seek to elevate our personal development. We reject complacency in pursuit of Excellence that enriches the self.

  • COMMUNITAS -- "The Whole is greater than the Sum of its Parts." Let no one claim to be self-made: we are the product of those around us and it is each individual's responsibility to contribute a greater share than they reap. A supportive, driven community impacts the world in resounding ways.

Heavy Metal Barbell is first class. Their knowledge and level of instruction is unmatched anywhere around.
— Dr. Noah Zacharko, DPT

What We've Achieved

  • Multiple USA Weightlifting National Medalists

  • World Championship Grandmaster and World Record holder; Masters World Championship Silver Medalist and National Champion

  • Team USA and Team Ireland International Athletes

  • Development of a standardized system for educating beginning athletes on the Olympic lifts

  • Multiple time CrossFit Regionals Competitors.

  • Education and mentoring of coaches and athletes around the world.

  • Production of large scale weightlifting competitions, exposing the sport to the general public and engaging the local community.

  • Foster the grassroots movement of weightlifting with the growth our USAW Club athletes, coaches, and technical officials.