Consult and assess

Athletes pursuing the highest levels of performance need the most detailed support. Our coaches begin with a consultation to learn more about your background, lifestyle, and performance goals. This is followed by testing and assessment, evaluating your strengths and rooting out the weaknesses that are holding you back.

Personalized programming

Your program will be entirely personalized to address your weaknesses, fit into your training schedule, and help you realize your goals. Training is delivered and logged using our elegant True Coach software. Detailed warmups and demo videos help ensure you're performing your training the right way. Track your progress, upload videos for review, and receive daily emails with your training from Coach.


detailed video analysis

Receive a weekly video analysis, featuring audio commentary from Coach, breaking down your technique frame-by-frame. Get the fine adjustments and helpful cues needed to make your lifting world class.

support on and off the platform

Heavy Metal Remote Athletes join a community of competitive individuals from around the world. Athletes receive competition coaching at events with Heavy Metal Coaches in attendance. Discounts on supplements from Earth Fed Muscle and performance apparel from Virus Intl.